Mozzarella House

Peabody, MA

Mozzarella House has been making cheese since 1989, and as of 2009, under the leadership of Giuseppe Argentieri.  Witnessing food making  was a way of life during Giuseppe’s childhood in the  Puglia region of Italy, and when he came to the United States, it was not easy to connect with that same hands-on fervor.  Today, Giuseppe’s passion for making fine cheese has found a home in Greater Boston.

All of his cheesMozzarella House paddlee makers grew up on farms making cheese.  Specific training was required and obtained both in Italy and locally by master cheese makers for the making of mozzarella and other cheeses in the “pasta filata” family.  Giuseppe brings this same level of commitment to Mozzarella House.

Before his life in the artisanal cheese business, Giuseppe learned the business of commercial coffee service and distribution.  He was  a loyal customer of Mozzarella House, and when it became available, he had to “buy it so no one else would ruin my source,” he says.

Motivation also came from wanting to own a “vertically integrated” business, being able to control the quality, production and distribution.  He currently buys his milk from a local farm, but getting his own farm will be his next big project.  “I see myself getting old on one,” he says of his future farm, which will complete his dream of vertical integration.

To Giuseppe, the making of great cheese is in tune with the actions of nature.  His favorite part is being able to turn fresh whole milk into cheese that goes on the restaurant table or home within just a day or two.  Guiseppe is a business man with a passion, and oh are we grateful…

All of the Mozzarella House cheeses are from pasteurized cows’ milk:

  • Mozzarella, classic mozzarellaMozzarella House scamorza
  • Nodini, small knots
  • Bocconcini/Ovoline, small round or oval mozzarellas
  • Burrata, pouch with shreds and cream
  • Ricotta, classic ricotta
  • Scamorza, an aged mozzarella, hang-dried
  • Fresh Cheese, a mild fresh cheese

Mozzarella House is not open to the public BUT will soon have a retail location.

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

26 Walnut St
Peabody MA 01960
T 978 532 0000
F 978 532 0011