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Great cheese was born on Massachusetts grass.

In 1624, the first dairy cows were brought to the Boston area by the settlers from England, birthing artisanal cheesemaking in America. Great cheeses are still made here, on our lands, between the stone walls and the sky. Our 21 cheesemakers have won more awards per capita than any state in the nation. 

Our 21 cheesemakers have won more awards, working with milk that is different every day, to make truly artisanal cheese, than any state in the nation.  This is a true reflection of talent working with terroir: the effect of nature on milk, without the milk being chemically corrected or “balanced” by man’s hands.

 And many of the cheesemakers who make shorter shelf-life cheeses with small herds have never entered any competitions, because they sell everything they make right in their locales, similar to what happens in a valley in Italy. 


Join us and enjoy! (We're all gonna learn a lot!)

 The Massachusetts Cheese Guild encourages and supports the production of great cheeses and cultured dairy products such as yogurt, all made from Massachusetts milk. We are committed to conversations about cheese. Questions? Answers. And stories about how it's made, who loves it, and who supports it.

The MA Cheese Guildis made up of Artisan Cheesemakers, cheese Enthusiasts, and members of the Trade: cheesemongers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, journalists, brokers...anyone and any company that loves MA cheeses.

Fact: The 21 artisan and farmstead cheesemakers of MA cheese make over one hundred (that's 100 plus!) different types of cheeses. From yogurts to semi-soft, buttery cheeses to mozzarellas to chevre...From little thimbles to asiagos to sharp or smoky cheddars to edam to nutty alpine cheeses like raclette- and abondance-style. From bloomy rind to washed rind to deep-veined blues.

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When You Buy MA Cheese


You help stabilize over 5,000 acres of pasture land in the Commonwealth, keeping it rooted in farming which is being jeopardized across the land.


Every time you purchase cheese made from Massachusetts milk, you are buying delicious and healthy local food that benefits you and your family.


Whether you buy from the cheesemaker, websites, grocery store or a farmers market, you connect to our history, land, our people and each other.


You preserve Massachusetts' great agriculture which dates back to 1624, when the first dairy cows were brought to American shores in Boston harbor.


You help keep farm families on their lands and continuing Americas farming heritage - creating wholesome food for you and your family.

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