Grey Barn and Farm

Chilmark, MA

Molly and Eric Glasgow purchased their farm on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009, and Thelma, Helen, and Mary Nell arrived in 2010.  No these were not triplets; these were the first cows.   Grey Barn and Farm 20121013ma_grey_barn_H-12Today they number 25, all grass-fed, a certified organic herd.   As Molly says, “We were not farmers.”  The Glasgows have learned farming at its front line, taking in nature’s surprises with great humor and a sustaining desire to create delicious and healthy food.

In their previous careers, Eric, a University of Chicago graduate, worked in the corporate world, while Molly, a graduate of Pratt Institute, was a designer.  Their two children, Noah and Jakie, were just beginning elementary school when Eric and Molly started farm life with them.

Grey Barn and Farm DSC_0071The first cheese of the Glasgow family is right out of T. S. Elliot, a love song called Prufrock.  This cheese is delicate and wonderfully stinky, a washed-rind cheese from morning milk that truly reflects the joys of Martha’s Vineyard.  Salt air, ocean breezes, quick squalls, and gentle sun all show up in this cheese.

The Grey Barn and Farm cheese is:

  • Prufrock, a washed-rind pasteurized organic cow’s milk cheese, aged 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Eidolon, a bloomy-rind pasteurized organic cow’s milk cheese, aged 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Bluebird, a blue-veined cheese made from certified organic raw cow’s milk, aged a minimum of 60 days.

The Farm Stand at the Grey Barn is open daily from 7 AM until 7 PM, and there’s a viewing window at the milking barn and creamery.  A tour starts every Friday at 10:30 AM from the farm stand.

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Molly and Eric Glasgow
22 South Road
Chilmark MA 02535

instagram: @greybarnchilmark