Herdsman Pless Potato Casserole

herdsman pless

This simple, hearty dish, created by Artisan Member Sue Rubel of Nobscot Artisan Cheese, was designed to highlight her Alpine-style Herdsman Pless. While Sue no longer sells her beautiful cheeses, there are plenty of great cheeses made in Massachusetts that would work here. Try something like Herdsman from Chase Hill Farm, Appleton Farms’ Alpine, Maggie’s Round from Cricket Creek or Prescott from Robinson Farm. Read More …

Sauteed Cabbage with Cloumage®


Created by Beth Falk, Enthusiast

The shy Santos brothers raise their cows in fields along a river in Westport, Massachusetts, where the salt air and humidity give the grass and the milk a distinctive flavor. This third-generation family farm operates in the tradition of careful stewardship of the land and respect for the animals who live on it.

Shy Brothers’ Cloumage® is a favorite among chefs, but those of us without professional culinary skills are lucky that it requires very little work to add Cloumage® to almost any kind of dish. Cheeses in this simple, fresh lactic curd style are among the essential ingredients in many a French kitchen, and after you’ve experimented a bit with Cloumage®, you’ll understand why. When heated and mixed with a bit of cream, Cloumage® makes a beautiful sauce for green vegetables; the slight tang of the cheese brightens the cabbage, while its creaminess eliminates any bitterness. Fresh black pepper brings this dish to life. Don’t be shy about adding more! Read More …