Crystal Brook Chevre Cheesecake

chevre cheesecake

Developed by Enthusiast Member Beth Falk

The characteristic tanginess of fresh goat cheese gives these individual cakes a bright, sophisticated flavor that is balanced by the buttery crumble topping.

Ann and Eric Starbard raise a herd of 60 goats on their farm in Sterling, feeding the animals a diet of seasonal pasture grasses and farm-grown hay.  The goats are milked twice daily from February through December, according to their natural breeding cycle, to produce milk for Crystal Brook Farm’s fresh cheese.  Several of Crystal Brook’s varieties – Plain, Cranberry-Orange, Australian Ginger and Lemon Lavender – work well in this recipe.  Plan to make the cakes at least 6 hours before serving; the flavor will deepen and texture will improve with cooling time. Read More …