Massachusetts Cheese/Cider Pairings


Submitted by Enthusiast Member Beth Falk

I’m a firm believer that there’s no right or wrong in food and wine pairings – if you like a combination, then it’s a good one. But there are a few iconic pairs whose reputation for universal appeal is well-deserved, and make it clear, for example, why all those old English gentlemen insisted upon having port and walnuts with their Stilton. The right hard cider/cheese pairing can create the same kind of “aha” moment for a food lover. Read More …

Butternut Squash and Berkshire Blue Biscuits


Berkshire Blue, crafted in small batches by hand in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, is a true artisan cheese. Made with raw Jersey cow’s milk from a dedicated herd, Berkshire Blue has a lush, creamy texture with just a bit of crumble – similar in style to Stilton, but with a mellower, more nuanced flavor.

Winter squash and blue cheese complement each other beautifully, and these delicate little biscuits highlight that pairing.  Serve with a dollop of fig spread or a glass of port.

adapted by Enthusiast Member Beth Falk from Ana Sortun Read More …