Sidehill Farm

Hawley, MA

Owned and operated by Paul Lacinski and his family, Sidehill Farm is a dairy and vegetable farm on a beautiful hilltop in the Berkshires.   Paul and his family started farming by being eaters who simply wanted the healthiest food possible, and this led them to small-scale dairy production of the highest quality possible.  Using practices that exceed those required for organic certification, the primary concern on this farm is health of the soil, the habitat, their family, and their customers.

All of the land for the cows’ grazing is certified organic, and half of their winter hay is certified.  The herd is milked seasonally, taking a break in winter.  Sidehill-NormandesThe herd of nine milkers is Normande and Jersey, fed a grass-based diet which makes the milk rich in butterfat and protein.   This is important:  the milkers are named Blanche, Evie, Sabine, Rosie, Titi, Thea, Flossie, Segolene, and Belle.

Sidehill Farm cultured dairy products  are made from pasteurized milk, and they include:

  • Paneer, a fresh un-aged farmers cheese.
  • Yogurt, in flavors: Natural, maple, organic flavors and fruits.

The farm shop is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Sidehill Farm
58 Forget Road
Hawley, MA 01339
(413) 339-0033