Massachusetts Cheese/Cider Pairings


Submitted by Enthusiast Member Beth Falk

I’m a firm believer that there’s no right or wrong in food and wine pairings – if you like a combination, then it’s a good one. But there are a few iconic pairs whose reputation for universal appeal is well-deserved, and make it clear, for example, why all those old English gentlemen insisted upon having port and walnuts with their Stilton. The right hard cider/cheese pairing can create the same kind of “aha” moment for a food lover. Read More …

Shy Lime Pie

Shy Lime Pie

Adapted from The Back Eddy Restaurant in Westport MA by Barbara Hanley of Shy Brothers Farm

The Back Eddy was Shy Brothers Farm’s first customer.  When we had our first cheese made, we raced over to see Chef Aaron, and he ordered some!  The Back Eddy was one of Gourmet Magazine’s top picks as well as one of our local favorites, so we were thrilled.  Today, Aaron and Nigel and the kitchen staff have an ongoing competition to find something that Cloumage® will not do.

This is one of their many creations, and it’s yummy. Read More …