Foxboro Cheese Company

Foxboro, MA

The Lawton Family Farm is the home of Foxboro Cheese, where Terri and friend Melissa started making their cheeses in 2009.  The farm was originally part of a 1632 land grant of over a thousand acres extending up to Dedham, and the land of the farm has been in father Ed’s family since that time. Amazing…approaching four hundred years! Most certainly cheese was made on the family lands in the 17th century, and here it is again as part of the way the 26-acre farm continues to thrive.  The barn was built in 1832.

Daughter Terri has cared for a herd of 30 registered Ayrshire cows for several years, selling her sought-after raw milk.  In 2009, her best friend passed away, leaving behind a baby—a son whom Terri immediately adopted.  Her best friend’s sister, Melissa, came with him.  Turns out, MeliFoxboro Cheese croppedssa, whose background included everything from laundry woman to machinist, has the talent for cheesemaking. She’s learned through trial and error like all good cheesemakers and took one of the classes at Vermont Institute for Artisanal Cheese.

Terri and her parents Nancy and Ed all care for the cows and milk.  Ed does field work, handles the farmers’ markets, and is very active in state-wide farm politics.  Mom Nancy also does bookkeeping, and makes great coffee for everyone.

Melissa’s favorite part of cheesemaking?  “Both tasting and a successful finished product,” she proclaims.

Foxboro Cheese is producing both raw and pasteurized cows’ milk cheeses:

  • Asiago, a young natural rind raw milk cheese, aged 60+ days
  • Asiago Vintage, an aged natural rind raw milk cheese aged 12+ months
  • Fromage Blanc, a fresh lactic curd (pasteurized) in flavors: Plain, Chives, Garlic, Lemon Honey, Maple, Tomato Basil

Awards:  Big E

The farmstand is open 10 AM to 6 PM daily, and summer open houses are held at times posted on the website. 

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Lawton Family Farm
70 North Street
Foxboro, MA 02035