Dancing Goats Dairy

Newbury, MA

As Erin Bligh of Dancing Goats Dairy says, every thrilling and wild adventure has its humble beginnings. Her story certainly does.

Erin’s passion for good food and cheese was cultured into existence during four months in Rennes, France as a college student living with a host mother with a serious obsession with cheese. She says, “I remember having the cheese plate handed to me at the end of my first meal and being offered up a sizable hunk of Roquefort. My fear and trepidation were unwarranted… it was glorious! From that moment on I was in love with all things cheese.”

After graduating from college, Erin took an internship under the herd managers of Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont (Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton now own and operate their own Adirondack paradise at Sugar House Creamery), and her fate was sealed. She spent about a year at Consider Bardwell, first as a kidding intern, learning to birth goats, milk and make a farm run, then another several months in the cheese room as an apprentice, learning the delicate art of turning that toiled for milk into a culinary masterpiece.

Erin returned home to Massachusetts, and with the help of her friends, family, and community began her own cheesemaking venture in Newbury, MA.

Six years after its inception, Dancing Goats Dairy has moved to join a new team, the folks at Lillooet Sheep and Cheesery in nearby Boxford, MA. Lillooet is the steward of 100 acres of conserved land spread between diverse pastures and rich woodlands. Our goats are rotationally grazed alongside their herd of sheep in an effort to regenerate the soil and create a positive impact on the land. Dancing Goats is thrilled to be joining a team full of passion, motivation and grit: a team willing to put in the time, energy and stamina it takes to create the highest quality product. Young farmers who, like Dancing Goats Dairy, are committed to sustainable farming from grass to milk to cheese. 

Chèvre (Sea Salt, Tuscan Herb, Everything Bagel, Seasonal Jam & Fig Jam [featuring Dove’s & Figs local jam])

Marinated Chèvre (in olive oil with herbs & spices) [winner at the 2017 ACS]

An Homage de Fromage: Cheeses inspired by our favorite strong women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: a goat and cow milk blend with black peppercorns and an ash rind. Aged 6-8 months. (Available seasonally, returning winter 2019/spring 2020)

Jane Goodall: a goat milk hard cheese with a cocoa powder rind. Aged 8-14 months. (Available now)

Marie Curie: a cow milk hard cheese with garlic and dill, covered with a dill weed rind. Aged 6-8 months. (Available now)

Misty Copeland: a cow milk hard cheese with sundried tomatoes and Italian herbs, cover with a smoked paprika rind. Aged 6-8 months. (Available now)

Josephine Baker: a goat milk Alpine-style hard cheese with a sweet and nutty paste, and a slightly dry texture. Aged 11-13 months. (Available seasonally, returning spring 2020)

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Self-serve farmstand is open 7 days a week (daylight hours) at 48 Topsfield Road, Boxford MA; Open farm days for barn, facility, and animal visits are listed on our social media pages.