Cricket Creek Farm

Williamstown, MA

Cricket Creek Farm is a small, grass-based cow dairy nestled in the Berkshire hills of Williamstown, MA. We produce raw milk, grass-fed beef and whey-fed pork, in addition to 7 different styles of artisanal farmstead cheeses. We generally milk between 35-40 cows at a time, and care for about 80 animals in total. This is an open farm – we welcome visitors and encourage questions. 

Our Mission is to produce nourishing food that honors our animals, respects the land, and feeds our community, and to exemplify a sustainable model for small-farm viability.

About Our Cheeses:

Our flagship cheese, Maggie’s Round is a semi-firm, raw milk cheese inspired by the tomas of the Italian Alps. The flavor is gently sharp, sweet, bright and fruity, with notes of citrus – especially lemon curd. The rustic natural rind adds earthiness. Aged for 5-9 months.

Maggie’s Reserve begins with the same recipe as Maggie’s Round, but is aged for 12-24 months. It develops a savory richness, flavors of caramel and pineapple, and a sprinkling of tyrosine crystals embedded in a still-moist, fudge-like paste.

A washed-rind cheese inspired by Taleggio, Tobasi boasts a custard-like texture and aromas of mushrooms, garlic and peanuts, with sweet and sour cream flavors. Our favorite for grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni & cheese. Made from raw milk, Tobasi squares are approximately 3 lbs each and aged for 2-4 months.

Berkshire Bloom, our pasteurized-milk Camembert-style cheese, has a thin and supple bloomy rind, a creamy, buttery interior, and delicate, mushroomy aromas.

Sophelise is our newest and most pungent cheese. Washed in local bourbon from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Sophelise melds funky aromas and sweet, milky flavors into one creamy little package. Made from pasteurized milk.

Thanks to the delicious milk of our herd of Jersey and Brown Swiss cows, Cricket Creek Farm Feta is remarkably creamy and fresh, while suitably crumbly and briney. Made from pasteurized milk and available immersed in brine in 8-oz retail tubs (6 per case), or in 3-lb vacuum-sealed bulk packs.

Super fresh Hillside is available only at our farm store and farmers markets. Mild, moist and crumbly, it’s made from pasteurized milk and flavored with our own spice blends.

Awards: ACS (4 times)

The farm store is open daily year-round. 

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Cricket Creek Farm
1255 Oblong Road
Williamstown MA 01267