Couët Farm & Fromagerie

Dudley, MA

An accumulation of experiences with small family dairies and delectable cheeses led Marie-Laure Couët to decide during the winter of 2010 that she would become a cheesemaker and farmer. She moved to Europe that spring to apprentice for a few years with cheesemakers, dairy farmers, and a world-renowned affineur. In France, Spain, and Italy, she learned the art and business of making cheese, tending the soil, and the animals that eat its grasses.Marie-Laure returned to the U.S. with Aurélien Marie-Laure and Aurelien Couet and they now live on the farm in Dudley, Massachusetts with their cat, three geese, and a flock of hens. Marie-Laure’s parents liked the idea of becoming farmers for their retirement, so Couët Farm & Fromagerie, LLC has become a true family endeavor.Today, we are a family farm with French and Québecois roots. We create small-batch, handmade, cave-aged cheeses with milk from northeast family dairies. We believe that while food is nourishment, growing food is empowerment. Our mission is to be a sustainable family farm business that creates beautiful, delicious, wholesome cheeses.

couet farmCouët Farm & Fromagerie currently produces four cheeses, with more in the works:
Adelisca is a fluffy, tangy, fresh cow’s milk cheese, perfect for spreading on crusty, toasted bread and crackers. This cheese is named after Marie-Laure’s great grandmother from Québec. She was the mother of thirteen children! As was my great grandmother, Adelisca the cheese is versatile. You can use it as an alternative to cream cheese in your cheesecake recipe. It loves garlic and chives as a summer breakfast spread. Missing sour or heavy cream? Adelisca wants to help!
Franciszka is named after Marie-Laure’s great grandmother from Poland. This cheese is a cow’s milk cylinder of citrus, nuttiness that coats your mouth with an unctuous creamy paste. Slice a wedge of it to taste on its own or pair it with a warm baguette. On a cheese board, it stands well next to delicate charcuterie. For dessert, cover it with berries and drizzle honey on top for a satisfying meal’s end.

Karolina is a semi-firm, raw cow’s milk cheese with a natural rind, aged at least 60 days. Karolina is named after Marie-Laure’s great grandmother, a farmer from Goszczewice, a small village south of Warsaw, Poland. Karolina is a milky tomme that has a creamy, balanced mouth feel that lingers on the palate with notes of fresh cream and fermented grass. This cheese is made from the raw Holstein and Jersey milk of Couet’s neighbors at Walnut Lane Farm.

Evelina is a semi-firm, raw sheep’s milk cheese with a natural rind, aged at least 60 days. Marie-Laure’s great grandmother Evelina, from Québec, worked night and day cooking, cleaning, repairing clothes, to care for her nineteen children and her lumberjack husband. Hardworking Evelina is a savory tomme that has a delicately gritty mouth feel with notes of sour cream and nuttiness. This cheese is made from the raw East Friesian milk from the Amish collective of eastern New York.


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