Bevcourt Cheese

Rehoboth, MA

Paul Bettencourt and Beverly Noiseaux started working on their dream in 2007, after a group of dairy farmers in Bristol County got together several times to talk about making and selling artisanal cheese.  Paul is a third-generation dairyman with deep ties to his 1891 farm.  Bev always wanted to help him make the cheese.  After years of saving and building piece by piece, Paul and Bev opened a beautiful immaculate creamery in 2015 and started making small, special batches of Gouda.

DaPaulwithVatughter Emily Amrine makes the Gouda with Paul, using a 132-gallon vat and a recipe from Holland.  Lisa Bettencourt, her younger sister, is in training to learn how also, “so I can help,” she says.  They all love having their hands in milk, and Emily particularly loves cutting and packaging it to go to customers.  Emily moved back with her toddler to help her dad after ten years in Georgia.

Paul milks 35 or so Holsteins and Jerseys, and cares deeply about his animals and their well-being.  He farms his eight acres along with nearby leased land and is happy to now be, along with his daughters, an artisan cheese maker.  He only uses his own milk, and the milk is carefully batch-pasteurized before being cultured.

Right now, the Gouda is aged four months.  Paul is building additional cave space so that he can age longer.  Meanwhile, his batches sell as soon as he gets them ready.

Bevcourt Cheese at Bettencourt Farm is not open to the public.  Visits are by appointment only.

Cheeses currently produced: PaulwithGouda

Gouda, aged 4 months
Smoked Gouda, aged 4 months

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Paul Bettencourt
100 Simmons Street
Rehoboth MA 02769