Meet the Cheesemakers


Welcome! Great to meet you! We are the professional artisan cheesemakers of Massachusetts. There are 22 of us, with a few more we hope will join us, and a few cheesemakers in the apprentice stage. As you’ve seen, we make over 100 types of cheese in this state, and have won buckets of awards. Each of us is dedicated to the craft of understanding our milk and turning it into a delicious cheese.

Some of the Artisan Cheesemakers produce hundreds of pounds of cheese a week. We sell our cheese everywhere from farmers markets to large high-quality supermarkets and every place in between. Others of us have small elite herds, make small batches. We sell everything we make right in our locales, similar to what happens in a valley in Italy.

What we have in common is a commitment to our process, a commitment to each other, and a commitment to you. Here’s what you want to know about us. We look forward to learning about you, what you want to know, and what you want to eat!

You can find us all over Massachusetts:

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